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Wishes and shawls / "Vorrei" e scialli

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I'd like to have something more to say, or better yet, I'd like to have more time to think about what to write and really write it down. But unfortunately, I don't. I'm sorry my blog isn't more inspirational, as many of yours are, I wish it was. It's just one of those moments, you know... I'm so busy with too many things.
So, want to know what I'm up to these days? Well, there you go: I enjoy long walks in the woods together with my boyfriend every weekend (we're so lucky, I know, and I'm oh so thankful!). I crochet (and knit a bit) every time I can, though not as much as I wish. I try and take good care of my plants and especially my beloved cacti, which continue to grow in number and are preparing to bloom, some of them for the first time, and that's exciting. I also purchased some new hooks and knitting needles, and I'd like to tell you about them in the future, becaus…

April / Aprile

April, come she will,
When streams are ripe and swelled with rain...

Don't you just love the coming of Springtime? The Nature comes back to life almost suddendly, and year after year I'm struck by the amazingness all around me. I wish you all to enjoy this wonderful season, with lots of new strength and creative inputs!
Non amate l'arrivo della Primavera? La Natura torna alla vita quasi all'improvviso, e anno dopo anno resto senza parole di fronte allo spettacolo che offre. Vi auguro di godervi questa stagione meravigliosa, con nuova forza e stimoli creativi!

Oh, and if you don't know the song from which the two verses above come from, please, enjoy!

Oh, e se non conoscete la canzone da cui provengono i due versi dell'inizio del post, ascoltatela...