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These are the days of Yule, a very special time of the year for most of us, when the Light is reborn and back in our lives. So even if the Solstice is gone, I still want to wish you all to have some wonderful days ahead, whatever you celebrate, and a happy 2015!  I'll be back... well, next year, so have some great holidays, and talk to you in 2015!
Questi sono i giorni di Yule, un momento dell'anno speciale per molti di noi, giorni in cui la Luce ritorna nelle nostre vite. Allora, anche se il Solstizio è passato, voglio augurarvi di passare dei bellissimi giorni, qualunque ricorrenza celebriate, e anche un felice anno nuovo! Io tornerò a scrivere... beh, l'anno prossimo, quindi buone vacanze, ci sentiamo nel 2015!

Something / Qualcosa

Today I'd like to show you a shawl I made... well, about a couple of months ago in fact! It was meant to be a gift for a friend, but I've finally been able to give it to her only today, so I couldn't show you before, since she visits my blog from time to time. The pattern, you may know it, is the pretty famous "Seraphina's Shawl" by Doni's Stuff (in case you're not familiar with it you can get it on Ravelry for free, and I highly recommend it:  I used a thin wool, Four Seasons Gründl Hot Socks Spectra, shade 50, and it took me quite some time to finish, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out. So, not really a Xmas item as you can see, those are soon to come! : )
Oggi vi mostro uno scialle che ho realizzato un paio di mesi fa. Doveva essere un regalo per un'amica, ma sono riuscita a darglielo solo oggi, quindi non potevo mostrarvelo prima, dato che di tanto in tanto viene a leg…

I just wanted to... / Volevo solo...

I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful new week!  I know I haven't updated my blog lately, not that I haven't been working, on the contrary! But outside is often overcast and I can't get decent pictures of my items... sooner or later I will! : )
In the meantime, here's a pic of one of my beloved mountains, maybe my most loved one, for you!
Volevo solo augurarvi una stupenda nuova settimana! So che non ho più aggiornato il blog, non che non abbia lavorato, al contrario! Ma fuori è quasi sempre buio e non riesco a scattare foto decenti... prima o poi ce la farò! : )
Nel frattempo, per voi una foto di una delle mie amate montagne, forse la mia preferita in assoluto!

December / Dicembre

Just a quick post to wish you all a merry month of December, full of coziness and warm thoughts while waiting for Yule (or Xmas, or however you like to call this happy holiday! : )).
As some of you may have noticed there have been changes in my blog, first of all my name: yes, I'm called Valentina. Melatia was just a username I chose for the web, but in the end I grew tired of it and decided to use my real name. So, not much of a change, is it? Another thing, from now on I'll write in English first and then in Italian. Might sound strange, but when I first learnt English I felt such a love for the language, as if I had found something I lost once again... my love hasn't diminished through the years, and I know I'm not perfect writing and speaking it, but words flow much more easily in English, I have much more fun when I use it, so... tough decision? Not really, and I'm happy with it! : )
Talking 'bout creative stuff, I'm... busy, to say the least. Knittin…