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Green is one of the colors I love the most, in all its shades, especially the darker ones - but why not try and wear something a bit lighter for once?  I made this Elise Shawl with a linen & cotton yarn, soft and natural, just what you need for late Spring and Summer. Let me tell you, I immediately fell in love with all the shades this yarn had, they reminded me of the woods, the new leaves, the white flowers, the clouds on the top of the mountains... all the things that I love! As I began to crochet this shawl, I couldn't help but notice how these shades just "worked" with the pattern, you know what I mean? I made a very big shawl as you can see (that's me in the picture, and I'm 1.75 m tall, just to give you an idea of just how big it is), and I just love it! If you're not familiar with the pattern, go and try it out - it's simple but extremely effective, plus, it's free! : )
Il verde è uno dei colori che amo di più, in tutte le sue sfumature, s…