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Couple of scarves

Hello fellow crafters! How's your new year going?
I've been busy working on several projects, a couple of which I'm gonna show you today: these are two scarves I made for one of my friends' Mum, both using my beloved Tunisian crochet, first one in arrowhead stitch, second one in simple stitch. Do you think these will be appreciated?
Also on my hooks are a cardigan which I'm also writing a pattern for (hear ye, hear ye!), and a crobaktus made with regular crochet (this will have a pattern soon, too), so as usual I don't have much time to write on my blog. This is the main reason why I've decided not to write in Italian on this blog anymore: it takes too much of my time, and since most of my readers are from other countries anyway I don't really see the point anymore, soo... well, that's about it. I'm curious to read your opinions about these scarves!
Oh, some of you may be curious about the yarns I've used: for the first one I chose a yarn I …