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Another pattern / Un altro schema

Hello everyone! Thanks a lot for your appreciation of my new neckwarmer, I'm so glad you liked it! I published its FREE pattern on Ravelry if you're interested (both in English and Italian translation), in case you decided to try it out please tell me what you think, and if you're a Ravelry user I'd be glad if you'd rate it, too! : )
Since we've still got a few cold weeks ahead I thought I'd share with you another pattern, for a project I made while most of you were not my readers yet, a pair of fingerless gloves with mitts for my boyfriend (here's the link to the original post).  This one's on Ravelry too (click here), with the others I've already told you about; it's a pretty quick project, worked with a 5.5 mm hook (US I) and worsted yarn, so there's still plenty of time left to hook and wear them!
Ciao a tutte! Per cominciare grazie davvero per i vostri commenti sul mio nuovo scaldacollo, sono contenta che vi sia piaciuto! Ho pubblic…

Crochet again - finally! / Di nuovo uncinetto - finalmente!

Hello in there! It's been too long since I shared with you some crochet - not that I forgot my hooks, not at all, it's just that there's never enough time to take nice pictures of the new creations, so I'm a little behind myself... Well, anyway, here's an item I'm really happy with: a neckwarmer that can also be worn as a kind of open slouchy hat. It took me just a few hours and 150 g of wonderfully soft merinos wool to make it, and it's so warm and cosy! Working with a 6 mm hook on this project was what I needed between my baby cardigans knitting on tiny needles, I had such a relaxing time, and I'm really satisfied with the way it turned out.  The pattern is my own and incredibly easy, I'm thinking about writing it down and publishing it for free on Ravelry, what do you think? Might be interesting? : )
Ciao a tutte! E' passato un bel po' da quando ho scritto di uncinetto - non che l'abbia lasciato perdere, tutt'altro, è solo che non…

Liebster Award

My super kind friend Gillian from Hookin' A Yarn kindly nominated me for a Leibster Award, so here are my answers to the questions she chose for me - and my three nominees at the end of the post, keep reading! So, here's three random facts about me in no specific order (I tried to choose some things you may not know):
- I see magic in every little thing and living being around me, and try to live as respectfully as I can according to this view of the world.
- I have rather long (mid-back to waist length), chestnut, curly hair (from spirals to ringlets type of curly). I used to wear them really short when I was younger, then around 19 years of age (my, 8 years ago already?!) I finally decided to let them grow, and... well, now they are my pride and joy!
- I love music, and favourite music ever is Simon & Garfunkel's. There, I said it. Love it or leave it. ; )
And now to the three questions Gillian asked me:
Do you prefer to cook for yourself or to eat out? I love cook…

Free pattern and memories / Schema gratuito e ricordi

Hello everybody! I've been away from my blog for quite some time, and I can't say it's been a pleasant couple of weeks. I'm back to share with you the instructions for the baby cardigan I showed you in my latest post.
I made that cardigan for the nephew of one of my Granny's dearest friend. She loved it very much, but unfortunately she couldn't give it to her friend, as my Granny got sick and passed away last week.  I'm very far from being over it and still can't manage to find some decent words in her memory.  The best thing that came to my mind is this: I thought I'd share with you the pattern of this item. Granny was an avid knitter and was oh so proud of me when I told her I finally learnt how to knit, so I hope this sharing will make her smile.
Let me know if the instructions are clear enough, and of course if you decide to knit one yourself tell me how it comes out!
Please remember my source:…