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Snowflakes / Fiocchi di neve

Snowflakes finally came tumbling down from the dark skies yesterday, and as the snow was falling outside I was knitting with snowflakes inside. Take a look at this wool I found: it's Silke's Baby Neve ("neve" means "snow"), and its otherwise pretty flat color is embellished with these little woolly snowflakes. Isn't it cute?  I bought it in order to make something for a newborn girl, and I had originally planned to crochet this; unfortunately I found out that it turns really thick when worked with a hook. So... yeah, knitting. What a joke. Have I been to ambitious when I decided to knit a cardigan? You bet! I had no idea where to start, and now that I started I have no idea where to go, but I think I'll figure it out on the way... hopefully! I did lots of research to get the right measures and went through some trouble to find them, but finally made it; I decided to knit a bigger cardigan (about 6 months) so she may be able to wear it a little bit …

Winter? / Inverno?

I don't know about the places where you live, but here we've seen such little snow that it doesn't feel like Winter at all, and I'm pretty upset about it, it's not natural at all!  Anyway, regardless the temperatures, the wool calls, so I'm always working on something. Here I'd like to show you my very first knitting project, a scarf I made as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. I know, it's not an original project at all, but I'm still very proud of it. Furthermore, the wool I made it with is special for us, as we bought it as we were on holiday by the sea this Autumn, and it's a wonderful yarn, the one I talked about in this post. Its color is much better that it is in the pictures, and it's oh so soft - I almost wanted to keep the scarf for myself! ; ) What do you think, you likey?
Non so come sia da voi, ma qui c'è talmente poca neve che non sembra neanche inverno, e mi dispiace, anche perché non è affatto normale! In ogni caso, la lana…

Sunset / Tramonto

You slipped away before the light of dawn, and that evening, as we silently watched this flaming sunset in a faraway place, I couldn't stop thinking of you. I can't stop now either, but trust me, that evening the sun was setting down for you alone.
Te ne sei andato prima dell'alba, e quella sera, mentre guardavamo in silenzio questo tramonto di fuoco in un posto lontano, io non riuscivo a smettere di pensarti. Non ci riesco nemmeno ora, ma credimi, quella sera il sole stava tramontando solo per te.

Arrivederci, Daniele.