Weaving Olden Patterns: June 2016

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A glimpse of my Aloes

Hello folks! I've been away for a long time again, but here I am showing you some succulent beauties. These are some of my beloved Aloes, a genre of plants I've learnt to love: they're incredibly easy to grow, needing almost no cares, and even though they come from warm places they're not very much bothered by cold temperatures during Fall and Winter - some of these were outside when it was snowing, though not directly under the snow!
So, enjoy these pretty leaves! : )

Aloe aristata, my faithful bloomer: she's been living with me for 3 years, and never missed a flowering.

Aloe broomii

Aloe cv. 'Diego'

Aloe cv. 'Pink Blush'

Aloe cv. 'Snowflake'

Aloe cv. 'Star Bouquet'

Aloe gariepensis

Aloe humilis

Aloe juvenna

Aloe mitriformis

Aloe NN, too young to guess her name.

Aloe NN

Aloe peglerae

Aloe striata

Aloe striatula

Aloe variegata