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February Snow Cowl - New pattern!

Hello readers! Snow has finally arrived, though late indeed, and it inspired me to create a new item with some yarn I had in stash. First, let me tell you a bit about this yarn: it's called "Kuki" by Borgo de' Pazzi, a pretty famous Italian brand which produces some lovely, high quality yarns. "Kuki" is made of wool (65%), nettle (20%) and hemp (15%), so a very interesting mix as you can see. It feels soft on skin but has great structure, so I really recommend to try it out should you happen to find it! Now, about the pattern. First, you can find it here. As you can see it's a quite huge cowl made in classic crochet, and it's pretty easy to realize too: all you need to know is how to crochet chains, simple and double stitches, and these instructions will guide you through the process in the most accurate way. So I would suggest this pattern to all kinds of crocheters: beginners might enjoy trying their hand at something easy to make but a bit diffe…