Weaving Olden Patterns: June 2015

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Colours of Summer

Hello darlings! I know, I know: I promised I would have written more often, and I didn't - I'm an awful blogger. Truth is, I'm always too busy, and when I happen to have some free time, blogland is not really my priority. Neither are crochet and knitting, these days, to be honest: weekends out on the mountains and my cacti are, so I thought I'd share with you all some of my best loved ones, Rebutias. They're one of the species I love the most: they're small, cute, often clumping plants, with wonderful and colourful flowers. They come from the mountains of Bolivia and Argentina, and their marvelous flowers announce that Summer is coming. So let me wish you a very happy warm season with these cuties.
Now, no more words: let the cacti talk!

Rebutia albiflora

Rebutia cv 'Sunrise'

Rebutia eos

 Rebutia canacruzensis

Rebutia haagei R 689

Rebutia pygmaea var. pectinata LAU 431, El Aquilar, 4000 m

Rebutia pygmaea v. iscayachensis RH 119 A, Iscayachi, Tarija, 3600 m

 Rebutia colorea

Rebutia senilis v. iseliana

Rebutia marsoneri

Rebutia fabrisii v. aureiflora

Rebutia pygmaea var. diersiana

Rebutia fabrisii v. flaviflora

Rebutia muscula (small ones)

Rebutia muscula (a bigger one)

Rebutia flavistyla

Rebutia heliosa

Rebutia lauii

Rebutia NN (No Name)

Rebutia robustispina, my beautiful princess, 20 cm wide

Let's take a closer look:

Wow, I had a bit to share, uh? Well, and they're not even finished, because some are yet to bloom - just a few, but if you liked these stay tuned for some more pics, should take them but a few days to bloom (and it'll probably take me some weeks to post, but nevermind)!
Oh, and if you're curious and would like to know something more about my plants please feel free to ask me anything, I love them so much, I'd talk about them all day long...

{{Chiedo scusa alle mie lettrici italiane, ma il tempo è tiranno e non sono riuscita a scrivere una traduzione di questo post. Spero vi godrete comunque le foto, e vi auguro una splendida estate!}}